Project Partners

We are always grateful for funding as well as art/cycling/community partnerships to help us host an exhibition and ride each year. Many thanks to our past project partners:


Thanks to InvestYYC for promoting our project through their platform as well as to all the wonderful individual donors who have been contributing on the campaign! Laura Moore, Carly Van der Ploeg, Sara McPhail, Lorna Sarah, Alyssa Berry, Colleen Dickson, Sandra Neill, Barbara Bruederlin, Karen Danforth, Carol Armes, Jenn Johnson, Kelly Hudson, Nancy Cameron, Ben Bell-Scott, Stella Koons-Manet, Tryphena Fric, Leslie Biles, Shauna Quinn, Janet Hinkle, Sara Bateman, Micheline Maylor, Shelley Youngblut, Haley Brown, Kim Jones, Cheryl Sung Fenemore, Gerardo Marquez, Edwin Mundt, Carolynn Tyson, Carrie B, Jessica Retzer & Nicole Edmond. 


 Grassroots Inspired Grants Scheme


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